Walking Cleveland’s Nature Trails – Sorta

Walking Cleveland’s Nature Trails – Sorta

Okay, confession time.  The past two days have proven that this challenge may not be feasible for everyone, ie. me.  Last month, if I got behind I could read as late as I wanted to reach my goal of finishing a book.  The problem with finding a new nature trail every day is that I only have so many daylight hours and often, like this week, they are taken up by someone working at the house. Yes, now we have some beautiful walls but I didn’t have time between when Jose left and I picked up Gage.  Yesterday, Gage and I walked for a mile on the trail between the library and community center…

nt131  nt133  nt134  ny135Now I feel okay about counting it because it is an actual trail and I did make it a mile with a 5 year old, but today the only time I could walk was when he was at horseback riding. I did walk around the property but no trails (they don’t want you to use the horse trails, go figure) and it was more like half a mile, so my heart was in the right place but it was clearly a fail.

nt141  nt142  nt143

So, I will pick myself up and dust my failure away and plan for a better tomorrow.  I’m not really sure how that’s going to work. My painter is done, but Gage has a day off school.  We’ll see if I can get him on a trail.  All he really wants to do is ride the train downtown to the Science Center.  Wish me luck 🙂

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