Walking Cleveland’s Nature Trails – Shaker, Downtown, Solon

Walking Cleveland’s Nature Trails – Shaker, Downtown, Solon

Even though I haven’t posted for three days doesn’t mean I haven’t been walking.  Friday evening I barely managed to catch some sun by the time I got to lower Shaker Lake. By the Nature Center and one of my favorite areas…

141  142  143  145

On Saturday there was zero time to catch a trail but when I looked at the hiking books there was a ‘trail’ they made through downtown Cleveland and since Jason and I were headed that way, I made sure we did a mile before and after dinner.  And at least half a mile after the show.  Unfortunately, I wore leather wedges and have a few painful blisters!

151  152  153  154  155  156

And today I went to the trail closest to our house and walked for almost two miles.  I was on a trail and along the metroparks all-purpose trail. I’m loving the trees 🙂

161  163  164  165

Tomorrow, after I drop Gage at school I am finding a new trail!!  Still waiting for you all to share your fall pics.



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