Walking Cleveland’s Nature Trails – I’m tryin’!

Walking Cleveland’s Nature Trails – I’m tryin’!

Okay, so this is month two of these 30 day challenges and I’m struggling.  I will continue to walk everyday, hopefully trails and hopefully new places.  Yesterday was our 18th anniversary so  I took Jason to my favorite new place so far, Beartown. I will post the pics on my FB page and Instagram since they are on Jason’s phone.  We walked a little over two miles and it was even more spectacular than last time. There were so many people taking pictures there.  For our last two anniversaries we’ve created playlists for each other so we walked around, holding hands, listening to the songs we chose for each other. It was sweet.

Tonight.  Well, it was no trail, but it was new and there were beautiful trees.  I walked our neighborhood. By the time I served the guys dinner I wasn’t sure how much time I had until the rain came, so there’s my excuse.  We’ll start and end at my house.

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