Walking Cleveland’s Nature Trails – Cleveland Metroparks

Walking Cleveland’s Nature Trails – Cleveland Metroparks

Cleveland Metroparks has over 300 miles of trails over six counties in northeast Ohio. The park is known as the Emerald necklace because that’s what it looks like on a map (if you use your imagination a bit)…

Miles of it run through our city so when I have a time crunch it’s east to pick a different part of the path to walk.  I need to plan better or I’ll be out of real estate!

Last night I walked two miles close to my house because it was getting dark.  This road was closed for years because they were fixing the bridge so it was my first time over since it reopened.  The picture of the bridge overlooking the freeway shows you how you can make it to downtown Cleveland in 25 minutes.

nt91  nt92  nt94nt95

Today I tried to find a trail listed in the book and had some problems. I couldn’t figure out the trails and it was getting late and I didn’t want to get stuck on the 7 mile trail with no idea where I was.  Anyway, this was the Bedford Reservation of Cleveland Metroparks. I was looking for Tinker’s Creek but I might have to go back another day and try again.  The bridle trail I chose had me walking in people’s backyards and it made me feel a little weird so I bailed on it as soon as I could.   I walked a mile and a half and then went back to Sunny Lake and walked around it for the last half mile.  I really need to learn how to read these park maps!  Don’t you love the cutie turtles I found?

nt101  nt102  nt103  nt105  nt106

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