A Book a Day, Day 4, Vengeance Follows

A Book a Day, Day 4, Vengeance Follows

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. –Haruki Murakami


In my morning pictures I always include the book I finished the day before and the book I’m planning to read that day.  Yesterday, after I took the picture and wrote my post Jason mentions his boss’s 60th birthday party that day.  Panic time.  In my head I thought the party was Sunday.  After a ‘quick’ mani pedi I came home to fix the guys some lunch and catch Ohio State’s first game.  His boss (actually I think it’s probably his wife) knows how to throw a party and five hours later we were home. I decided to finish up a book I had started a few months ago since I only had a little over 100 pages left. Whew.  I made it 🙂

I read Vengeance Follows by Scott Lax. He’s a local author and the publisher sent me a copy a while back so it was nice to finally finish it.

What it’s about- Sam loses the love of his life and blames one man for her death.  Leaving France behind, he comes back to the States and settles in the small village where this man lives and plans his revenge.

What did I learn- I love wine and Sam made his living writing about wine for magazines, so I really enjoyed learning about the different wines and just reading about someone who appreciates a nice glass of red.  Wouldn’t that be a great job?

Who would love it- When people come to visit, I always take them 3 miles east to the village of Chagrin Falls.  I love it and would move there in a heartbeat if I could convince Jason.  It’s a beautiful little town with an old time feel and a waterfall right in the middle of town.  This book takes place in Chestnut Falls, but it’s easy to recognize Chagrin Falls. Lax writes beautifully of it’s history and charm.  Anyone who has every been there or is fascinated by small villages would appreciate this book.

More thoughts on the book here.

Hope I can carve out a little more reading time today.


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