A Book a Day, Day 13, The Lovers

A Book a Day, Day 13, The Lovers

“A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others.”  Abraham Lincoln


Late post today. After taking Gage to school I drove over to the Military Entrance Processing Command where brave men and women spend the day waiting to be shipped off to boot camp.  Jason is a member of the USO board and was going to volunteer so I went over too so I could see how it all worked. I admit that once the families were allowed to come in (4.5 hours after they arrived) and hang out until the buses came I got a little emotional.  I was so proud of all of them for their sacrifice and thankful that we have men and women willing to defend us and others in harms way.

Last night, I did go to the first of five library workshops on introduction to writing romance and women’s fiction.  I think it’ll be fun and will inspire to me join National Novel Writing Month for my November 30 day challenge.

Okay, I finished The Lovers by Vendela Vida yesterday. I listened to the majority of this in the car but followed along in the book.  I admit I didn’t felt a twinge of interest until page 68.  There were many discussion worthy storylines, but overall it just didn’t speak to me.

What’s it about – Yvonne is a recent widow who decides to go back to the place of her honeymoon, Datca, Turkey.  She rents a house and meets a few people who help her heal in different ways. As the days unfold we get the whole story on her marriage and children.

What did I learn – I learned a little about the culture and geography of Turkey.

Who would love it – People who like books written about older women and their journeys. And people who like to explore other countries and cultures through books.

I’m 12/12 so far!!



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    1. Today is going to be a real test. I have to read over 300 pages before book group tonight and the book is not a fast read at all.

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