A Book a Day, Day 10, Talking About Detective Fiction

A Book a Day, Day 10, Talking About Detective Fiction

“Books about quotations…afford me one of the most undemanding but satisfying forms of reading pleasure. ” -P.D. James


I listened to the audio for the first half of PD James’s Talking About Detective Fiction and was a little bored so I switched to the paper version.  And had the same problem.  It did make me want to read a mystery so I picked up Sue Grafton’s series for today. Although I didn’t love this one, its shortness made it a good choice for this challenge and for my reading list since I will be adding many of the books she mentioned!  It also got me in the right mindset for Monday, when I start a 6 week series at a local library on Writing Romance 🙂

What’s it about – Beloved mystery writer writes a book on the history of detective fiction, mostly British. She names the best of the best and goes into the model of what makes a mystery great.

What did I learn – I don’t read enough of the classic mystery writers. Sure, I’m a somewhat recent fan of Agatha Christie, but many of the others I’m not familiar with at all.  She gave a shortlist for the four most important women in the genre’s golden age and I’ll be trying the others soon.  She chose Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Margery Allingham and Ngaio Marsh.

Who would like it – Probably readers more well versed in detective fiction than I am.  Also, I think it would be a great place to start for  anyone interested in writing a detective novel since it gives you a the basics and a great reading list.

I’m 9 for 9 and going strong 🙂




2 thoughts on “A Book a Day, Day 10, Talking About Detective Fiction

  1. I bet I would like this one. And I’ve read almost all of Christie’s works, only one of Sayers, one or two of Marsh’s and none of Allingham’s. I wasn’t a giant fan of P.D. James work though. A little too cerebral or something for me. It reminded me of one of Carolyn Hart’s Death On Demand books – A Little Class On Murder. Annie Darling, the proprietor of the Death On Demand Bookstore is asked to teach a class on the 3 great ladies of mystery – Christie, Sayers, and Mary Roberts Rinehart. Hijinks ensue. And a murder. Of course.

    So, you’re going to take a class on writing a romance. How fun! Do tell!

  2. I thought of you while I was reading this one . I don’t even think I’ve read a PD James mystery and this book didn’t really convince me to.
    Class is tonight so details tomorrow.

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