Real Food Wrap Up- Epic Fail

Real Food Wrap Up- Epic Fail

This challenge proved too much for me this month.  I made it nine days, fell off the wagon and failed to get back on.  I think because I tried to change too much that it became overwhelming for me and, to be honest, I did not prepare and I think that’s where failure starts in most endeavors.  I need to try this challenge again, but after I’ve worked through some of the bad habits I have and have a plan/menus/prep work in place.  I do feel bad about failing this one so royally, but it does show me that I’ve got real problems with food that I need to address.  That’s what this challenge has done for me in the long run. A focus on adopting one new good habit at a time.  I did a good job with mostly eliminating Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper so I’d like to keep that going.  I started drinking more water and I’d like to focus on getting to eight glasses a day.  Same with the juicing, a good start that I need to continue daily. So, the challenge wasn’t a total loss, but it was disappointing.

I love Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec and his take on food is not so far from my own, lol.

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  1. Sounds like getting some perspective on what you eat and making small changes means that you didn’t have an ‘epic fail’. Seems like a ‘win’ to me. 🙂

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