Real Food – Day 10, Uh-Oh

Real Food – Day 10, Uh-Oh

I haven’t checked in to update my Real Food challenge because, well, it’s sucked  and I didn’t want to gripe and moan.  I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t feel any differently physically.  I didn’t need you to know that I was grumpy and had zero energy.  And I definitely didn’t want to say that this challenge was too much for me.

I made it through 9 1/2 days and although the first few days were okay, every day got just a bit worse.  Was it the sugar, gluten, dairy, Diet Coke or pesticides that my body missed most?  Who knows.  Yesterday I was done. I could feel it. I held on and then today I felt worse, just more of everything I’ve already complained about.  So I decided that I would let myself eat pizza at my dad’s 70th pizza birthday party tomorrow.  Maybe I could just control it.  And then I went out to pick up a few things and saw it.  The thing I should walk right by without a glance, but instead bought and opened up in my car in the parking lot (I’m surprised I waited that long).

IMG_9974Behold the Oreo Stack.  I ate six bites and still had this much left.  Jason’s promised to take care of the rest.

So, where do I go from here?  I’m going to mull it over and make a decision after my dad’s party 🙂  To make the challenge worthwhile I needed to feel better or lose weight.  I did lose three pounds but that just wasn’t enough.  I fell off the wagon but I will pick myself back up on Sunday and try again, but maybe in a more modified form.  All I can think of right now is pizza!

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  1. I think that when a person cuts out that many types of food all at one time, the body goes into a kind of shock. I know that some people seem to be able to handle it OK enough or they say they can. Sometimes I wonder. Perhaps a more modified approach will work better for you. It’s kind of like going full tilt into exercise and then hurting yourself or feeling like you might die from sore muscles. Good luck! You’ll find your balance in this.

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