Real Food Challenge

Real Food Challenge

I am not and never have been a healthy eater.  I love and always have loved fast food.  Eating out is and always has been my preferred method of getting food into my body.  These things mattered little in my teens and 20’s but once I hit 30 the pounds crept on and started inviting friends.  When I got pregnant with Gage at 38 I weighed almost 50 pounds less than I do now. 50.  I haven’t had time to worry about myself because Gage has needs that keep me more than busy and worrying about other things, but at this point I need to get some control or Gage will be taking care of me soon!  So, last month we watched four food documentaries and they were all very informative and inspiring and hopefully enough of a push to get me through this month.

I’m not going to follow any specific diet, but I’m eliminating processed foods for the month.  I looked around a bit and different websites have different rules, but for me it’s just real food.  If I buy beans or rice or oatmeal, etc., that can be the only ingredient listed.  I debated on whether to allow coffee or wine but both are allowed on most of the diets I saw so they can stay.

Ultimately, I want to lose weight, but that it not what I’ll be focusing on this month.  I just want to give my body a rest from the crap I usually feed it.  Because I was so inspired by Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I will be adding a week of juicing.  We bought a new juicer and I’m excited to see how I feel after 7 days of just juice.  I did a 3 day juice ‘fast’ years ago and remember feeling awful.  I’m so busy at Gage’s school this week (I relieved the teachers in 1st, 4th and 7th grades today – so much fun!) that I’m waiting to start the juicing until next week when I might have more time to be miserable.

And yes, I know it’s the shortest month so it does feel a little bit like cheating BUT no fancy dinner out or chocolates for Valentine’s Day so I’m calling it a wash 🙂

Today I ate a banana, apple, baked potato, peanuts, two eggs, rice, beans, salsa, 2 cups of coffee, one glass of organic red wine. I’m stuffed.

Feel free to link to any websites I should check out for good recipes. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Real Food Challenge

  1. So doable! You’ve got this!

    Give yourself the time to plan ahead as needed, to make sure you have time to buy stuff if you need to — or have a couple go-to things on hand that don’t need long to cook, etc., for when you’re in a hurry or plans change last minute.

    1. I started so unprepared because I was living in denial 🙂 I’ve had no prep time this week at all, but have a few hours tomorrow. I need to do what you’ve done, you look fantastic!

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