Real Food Challenge – Day 3

Real Food Challenge – Day 3

I’m tired.  I have a headache.  I’m not digging the change so far.  But going gluten and dairy free is no joke and add nothing processed on top of it?  Hard.  I’ve lost two pounds so that’s nice.

The problem is that I started unprepared and haven’t caught up yet.  I’ve survived on eggs, rice, beans, salsa, peppers, peanuts, fruit. Tonight I cooked a chicken and Gage and I stood at the counter and ate it right off the bone.  Did I feel guilty after seeing all those films about the chicken industry last month?  Surprisingly, yes.  Getting ready to take the potatoes off the stove (cooked in chicken broth) and get dinner on the table, but wanted to check in.

Biggest challenges – Yesterday I worked the sundae bar at Gage’s school and couldn’t eat any of it.  Tonight I worked at the school again for pizza day and held strong but there were some longing looks at that pizza.  I wasn’t tempted at all by the ice cream, but that pizza?  I’m still thinking about that pizza with loving thoughts.

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  1. I’ve found that when big food changes occur, the body (or my body anyway) is not very happy about it. And then there’s the whole ‘wrapping my mind around it and staving off cravings’. Good luck! The chicken sounds good. LOL

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