A Random Act of Kindness – Week Three

A Random Act of Kindness – Week Three

December is the month of giving and receiving.  I like to both give and receive, but have found myself embarrassed when I try to do something nice for a complete stranger.  Like at Lowe’s yesterday.  I had a gift card that we had earned from our credit card company and I bought what I could for Christmas gifts only to find I had $35 left on the card.  I hadn’t done an act of kindness yesterday so I just told the cashier to use it for the next person.  Now, I could have turned around and wished the man a Merry Christmas, but for some reason I was embarrassed.  Don’t know why.  I had no problem giving a Target gift card to a pregnant cashier at my grocery store, but I talk to her every time I’m in there.  She’s due next month and told me that she was taking any hand me downs if I knew anyone because she hadn’t purchased anything.  I didn’t know anyone, but as I looked through my wallet I saw a Target gift card that still had $100 on it so I gave it to her. These were two big ticket acts of kindness and they felt good, but one was embarrassing and one wasn’t.

Here’s what else I’ve done this week.

12th- Gave iTunes gift card to music therapist.

13th- Left my change on the counter at Chipotle, offering it to the next woman in line.  I think it was 66 cents, lol.

14th- Donated a kids book to a local charity through Barnes & Noble.

15th- Gave the Target gift card to cashier

16th-Did this at the library on a cold, cold day. I planned ahead and took the post it note 🙂


17th- I consider this teaching random acts of kindness. We went to a local holiday event at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Glow, and met friends.  Gage wanted to buy these bells.  I told him I would buy them but he would have to pay me back out of his piggy bank.  He said okay.  As we were leaving I encouraged him to open them and offer one to his friend so that they both had a memento from the day.  He did.  I’m counting it because I’ve got nothing else.  Here they are.  I really want these trees for our house next year!


18th- Gave leftover money on Lowe’s gift card to next customer.

19th- When I renewed my subscription to Better Homes & Gardens they offered me two free subscriptions. I offered them up on Facebook and within five minutes had two takers.


Today, when Gage and I stopped in a restaurant bar and ordered a lemonade for Gage and a Diet Coke for me, the bartender said they were on the house.  What goes around goes around 🙂  Any random acts of kindness come your way this week?



3 thoughts on “A Random Act of Kindness – Week Three

    1. Yesterday I took a cart in from the parking lot and considered using it as my randome act of kindness, lol. I hope to spend less money this week 🙂

  1. I bet the people on the receiving ends really appreciated your kindnesses. A random guy in a parking lot complimented me on my hair, which made me smile.

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