A Random Act of Kindness – Week 2

A Random Act of Kindness – Week 2

December is a crazy month for most of us.  Shopping, wrapping, parties, celebrations…I didn’t want to choose something overly difficult this month, but I did want to make it worthwhile.  I wanted to be in the mindset of looking for ways to give or to help.  Last week I was so busy (volunteered 3 days at Gage’s school, Jason’s holiday party and went back to Heath for the weekend for the family Christmas party) and I survived only to look at this week and see much of the same.  Tis the season!

Here’s what I managed to do last week…

5th-A friend returned some romance books that she’d borrowed and I gave her some of the swag that I received at the Avon Kissathon last month.

img_9395This is a picture of all of it.  She got the sexy notebooks and a bag.

6th-I had a high schooler come and craft with Gage and I gave her a tip 🙂

7th-Mom and I went to the West Side Market for her birthday.  It was cold and there was woman in a wheelchair outside collecting money for a homeless organization.  On one our trips out  we took her a hot chocolate (and gave a donation).

8th-It was 20 degrees, snowy, windy and dark.  After I was done shopping, I collected shopping carts from around the parking lot and took them back in.

9th-A neighbor put a call out for a family in need so I dropped off some money so she could make their holiday more cheerful.

10th-I saw the cutest cat wine bottle at World Market and thought of someone I’d be seeing at the family Christmas.  We do not buy gifts for each other but do a gift exchange raffle instead, but I bought the wine wrapped it up and put it under the tree from Santa.  She did guess it was me, but I was her second choice 🙂

11th-Prepped two books to mail to a book blogger friend (it could be you!).  Hope to get  to the post office in the next few days.

So, nothing major, just finding something every day that will make someone else’s day just a little bit brighter.   Mondays are usually my only days to take a deep breath around here so I need to try to do better planning for this week today.

Have you done any of your own random acts of kindness this week?  Do tell!


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