A Random Act of Kindness – Tis the season of giving

A Random Act of Kindness – Tis the season of giving

December is here and with it a new challenge.  Without consulting each other Jason and I both started the same challenge on the first – a random act of kindness every day.  Jason’s take is a little different than mine and he can explain that when he posts.

I will do a random act of kindness with the holiday season in mind.  For instance on the first day I went to buy Gage’s advent calendar books at Barnes & Noble.  They had sent me a whole page of coupons and I used three.  I passed one out to someone in line, 20% off, and put the others in the areas where they could be used.  Were they? No idea, but it was all I had time for that day. I just need to look for ways to give.  I hate to say money, because we don’t have that kind of money, but looking at what I had in the coupon/gift card, misc. token drawer I found it easy to get started.

1- Passed out Barnes & Noble coupons at the store.

2-Took my mom for a mom/daughter  mani-pedi.  This may seem a little self serving, but I was going anyway and there is no one more deserving of a mani-pedi than her.

3-We bid on a basket at a charity event and were surprised at all of the gift cards that were in there.  There was one for a mani-pedi (are you sensing a theme?)in Rocky River, not terribly far, but not around the corner either.  One our way to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend we stopped at Aladdin’s for lunch and it was down the street from the Salon.  Wouldn’t you know our waiter was the only guy working in the place!  I decided to give it to him and he was so happy.  I said something like “I know it’s not probably your first choice” and he said “Oh, no, I’ll take anything!” He was very excited and I was happy to give it to someone who might like to give his mom or girlfriend something special for Christmas. Or maybe he’ll use it himself 🙂  It came in a cute little gift box, right?


4-We got back late in the afternoon yesterday and I really didn’t want to go back out just for the challenge so I wrote a note to someone who has been with us on Gage’s journey since he was two. We love her and I sent her a note telling her so.  In the spirit of giving I found a $10 Amazon gift card that I had extra from last year and placed it in the card.  I bet it will be spent on her fur-babies or the kids who love her 🙂

Now, I need to find a way to finish the challenge without going broke!

5 thoughts on “A Random Act of Kindness – Tis the season of giving

  1. You have such a generous heart. I’m lucky to be on the receiving end of your generosity. It was fun getting a mani/pedi with you. Thanks! Have fun spreading joy this month.

  2. This is such a lovely idea. I’ve seen a couple of Random Acts of Kindness advent calendars online, where each day is a suggestion of an RAK you can perform. 🙂

  3. I love this challenge! There are many ways to give that don’t involve money. Take cookies to a lonely neighbor, help someone in the grocery store, say something kind to a stranger, bring someone’s trash cans in, etc.

    1. Yes, originally it was many things, anything really, but I thought I’d give unexpectedly if I can since so many people struggle this time of year. I will probably run out of things to give away so we’ll see. Jason did something cool, but I won’t ruin the surprise 🙂

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