A Random Act of Kindess Wrap Up

A Random Act of Kindess Wrap Up

Let me start with the good, Jason abandoned his Random Act of Kindness challenge early on and he gave me permission to use three of his so that I could complete my 30 🙂  The bad is that I have been cooped up in the house with G for a week and a half, the last week with me having awful, hacking coughs. 2016 is not ending quietly. G and I are still sick and mostly chilling out.  That’s why I don’t feel bad about using Jason’s acts of kindness, we’ll call it a family challenge since even G participated.

It’s not hard to do a random act of kindness and I made it harder than it should have been since I tried too hard to make it about money or stuff.  I like what Carol said on my last post about a stranger telling her that he liked her hair made her day.  I think this was a perfect challenge to honor the spirit of December, but you could start off 2017 by giving it a try.

Here’s what I did to finish the month…

20-I had $3.45 left on my Orvis gift card and I gave it to the next person in line.

21-Sent a $10 gift card with my bill to a  local small business run by a woman doing right by kids with music.

22-Left a bag of snacks for my mailman.

23-Gage and I both chose 5 books to donate to the library book sale.

24-Gave a generous donation to the nursery that provides the model train set up every December.  Gage went twice this year.

25-Because of our sickness we didn’t travel to Michigan like we were scheduled to do so we were home when our neighbor stopped by to ask us to get his mail while he and his wife were out of town for the Ohio State-Clemson playoff game. (this is a stretch but when you’re housebound the opportunities are limited)

26-I was short $2 paying a sitter yesterday so  I gave her a $25 iTunes gift card.

27-When  I went to the library to pick up stuff I’d requested I took the two $1’s I had in my purse and placed them in 2 books, lol.  I plan on checking to see how long they stay there.  When do you think the next check out for Ethan Frome will be?

28-Jason spent 3 hours cleaning my car from the inside out and changing my oil 🙂

29-He brought these home one nightimg_1859

30-In my FAVORITE act of kindness Jason took Gage two houses over and raked up leaves for an hour.  The house has recently sold but no one had moved in yet and we were about to get our first snow. img_1849The neighbors moved in just before Christmas but we’ve been too sick to meet them.

Challenge completed, tag team style 🙂



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  1. You did some awesome acts of kindness that brightened the day for many people. It’s cool that it was a family affair. You are so creative!

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