A Book a Day, Day 29, Practically Green

A Book a Day, Day 29, Practically Green

“Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. ”  P.J. O’Rourke


Practically Green by Micaela Preston was a nice change of pace yesterday.  I’ve spent the past few years ‘greening’ our house in bits and spurts and thought this book was a nice guide for beginners and beyond.  I found new info and lots of reminders of things I still want to do.  I loved the layout which only added to the enjoyment.  It was published in 2009, so some of the information is common knowledge now, but mostly it’s still up-to-date.  It even has handy information sheets that you can cut out of the book for reference.

Our city has a wonderful curbside recycling program, they take almost anything, and just started providing bags so that we can recycle things like clothes and shoes too.  I feel spoiled in that regard, but even without extensive recycling you can make your house safer for your family and future families by buying less chemicals, processed foods and cheap clothing.  It’s always a work in progress around here. There are always things to improve upon.  And buy less.  We heard several times on our trip to Boston that much of the of the city is build on landfill.  The less you buy the less landfill we need to live on.

What’s it about – Greening your home through your food, your cleaners, and your clothes.

What did I learn – If everyone in the US replaced one roll of virgin fiber toilet paper with 100% recycled paper we could save 423,900 trees. About 80-90% of energy used in clothes washing comes from heating the water.  Lots of facts like this pop up throughout the book just so you have something to think about and consider.

Who would like it – Anyone who would like to start the process of living in a way that puts less of a burden on future generations.

In the home stretch now and not a day too soon!  28/28.



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