Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest Challenge

After taking October off, my first without a challenge in a year, I wanted to ease back in with something fun and useful.  Thirty days, thirty Pinterest pins.  You can follow me there and see what I’m pinning.  I’d like to do a combination of crafts, recipes, home stuff, organization, decorating…pretty much whatever strikes my fancy that day.

As I was looking around yesterday I found this pin and I was inspired by the blogger’s bravery since she was willing to show her messy room and her five steps to de-clutter it.  Without dwelling too much on what was ahead of me, I dove right in after I dropped off Gage at the bus this morning.  I finished with step one five minutes before I went to pick him up, lol.

My office is…embarrassing.  I’m a clutter bug and my office, because I can easily close the door, is a total wreck.  Like, it’s hard to breathe in there because I feel all the stuff closing in around me.  So, I decided this would be a fun first challenge without taking into account that the blogger was really only fixing a small corner of her room and I was attempting months of piles.   Nonetheless, I began with step one – emptying the whole room.  

I did decide to keep all of my unread books on the shelves because they are neat and would have just gone right back where they started, but everything else, gone.  Brace yourself, I am about to make you feel great about your own office…

The Before

IMG_2147 IMG_2148 IMG_2150 IMG_2151

What is all of this crap you may ask and I could tell you most of it.  I take responsibility for all of it but two of the piles of random paper on the floors. Gage sometimes makes messes that I don’t take the time to clean up.  So, I guess I should just claim those too 🙁


The After

IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2159 IMG_2160

So, the obvious question is, “Where’s all the stuff?”  Two bag went to recycling, two bags into the trash, some things back to where they belonged, and the rest is out in our foyer awaiting their fate.  I had planned on taking out the glass shelves in the corner (they used to house Jason’s favorite chess sets and a few still remain), but think I’ll just remove the chess set and repurpose them for myself.

This is not a one day project, but I am so happy with the beginning.  I will probably do another pin related to the office tomorrow that will help me better file or better use my shelves.  I’ll show you an updated pic tomorrow on the progress.  Despite the mess in the foyer I’m feeling accomplished- even if I only finished step one of the pin.

7 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge

  1. Nice work! I wish I had an office but I need to at least get my desk in order. I’m impressed. I look forward to all your pinterest challenges this month! Good luck!

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