Pinterest Challenge – Veterans Day

Pinterest Challenge – Veterans Day

G is a product of generations of veterans.  His dad, his grandpas, two of his great grandfathers and numerous other family members past and present all spent time serving our country in the military.  Jason’s time in the Navy actually put us in the same place at the same time over 21 years ago.

I found this pin which was perfect for this challenge and for Veterans Day.  G got a video recorder for his birthday and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for him to do his first interviews.  Last night he interviewed Dad and this morning his Grandpa.  Last night with Dad he didn’t look up from the paper and cut him off one time when his answer got too long, and then they watched the video of the interview on the television so he could see himself on the big screen.  Today with his grandpa was better.  He looked up after he asked every question and waited for the full answer before moving on.  I was proud of him.  And proud to have so many veterans in G’s life to show him true bravery and service.

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