Pinterest Challenge – Easy Peasy Egg Muffins

Pinterest Challenge – Easy Peasy Egg Muffins

Finding foods that I can make and serve all week is a goal.  When I saw this pin with egg muffins that would keep five days in the fridge I was in.  It turns out that these are super easy and a great way to get G involved.  I prepped the ingredients and G did the rest.

He put some red peppers and spinach in each cup.  I poured egg on it.  G then topped them with bacon and Daiya cheese.  Into the oven they went at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.

IMG_2197IMG_2201IMG_2206IMG_2209The verdict?  A win!  Gage ate two when they came out of the oven and I had one.  The pin claims they will be just as good cold, but I’m skeptical.  We’ll see in the morning.

The recipe says 12 eggs, but that was way too many.  Seven of my eggs were fairly large, but I still had a lot left.

So, here’s an update on the menu planning pin.  I spent some time finding some new recipes and ideas and finished planning this week. I even made recipe cards for those that I didn’t automatically know and I plan on keeping them in the back of the notebook.  I think this a system than can work for me, but I’ll let you know after a week 🙂



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