Pinterest Challenge – Chore List

Pinterest Challenge – Chore List

G has never had a set list  of chores and as I was looking at some of my pins I realized that I missed the boat on this years ago.  There are chore ideas for 2 year olds!  I looked around for some good starters and decided on 7, since he’s 7, and found a great printable chart on this pin.  These are all easily doable for him but I wanted to start with something achievable, so he could be successful.  I told him if he had 40 stickers by the end of the week he’d earn $2.  We’ll see what happens this week and see if I have to adjust.


3 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge – Chore List

    1. That’s where I was. He fed the cats sometimes and he helps me with laundry or dinner sometimes, but nothing concrete. He’s into it so far so we’ll see 🙂

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