Pinterest Challenge – Borax to the rescue!

Pinterest Challenge – Borax to the rescue!

I’d planned on trying a new recipe today, but G had a friend come over and then Ohio State was on (I really should have skipped this) and I didn’t get to the grocery store.  So, I browsed Pinterest and thought why not make some homemade household cleaners?  I looked at a few pins and realized I didn’t have a few of the ingredients that made the good stuff.  So, I pooled all of my natural cleaners together to see what I could come up with.  The giant box of Borax was making a real target of itself so I looked for Borax pins.  Who knew there would be so many?!?!  I read through some and they all generally shared information so I’ll choose the two I used here and here.

There are MANY ways to use Borax (sodium tetraborate) and I tried 5.

  1. G still has some accidents at night so getting his bed clean is important.  Borax to the rescue!  Wet, rub in Borax with a towel and let dry.  Vacuum powder off.  It seemed to do the trick.
  2. To get the mold or mildew odor out of the washing machine, put 2 cups of Borax in water and let soak before washing normally.
  3. Get the odor out of the garbage cans (I will be doing this for our big can we take to the curb tomorrow).  Put water in Borax to cover bottom of can and soak.  Rinse and dry.  Sprinkle Borax in the bottom to keep fresh.
  4. Freshen the garbage disposal by pouring 2 tablespoons of Borax down the drain and let soak for 1 hour before rinsing with warm water.
  5. I have a white shirt with some stains that I’d given up on so tried to rub in the Borax and let soak before washing normally.  1 tablespoon Borax with 2 water.  I just pulled it out of the dryer and it looks like it took care of the two small ones, but the larger one is still there.  I might give it a second try tomorrow.


What have you used Borax for?


3 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge – Borax to the rescue!

    1. I forgot that we had it and I can’t remember why we bought it in the first place. It was stuck on a high shelf in the laundry room, lol. Glad I tried out a few things since there’s still half a box left to use.

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