Pinterest Challenge – Books and Shepherd’s Pie

Pinterest Challenge – Books and Shepherd’s Pie

Yesterday, I had very little time so I found a few pins with Thanksgiving books for kids and reserved as many as I could at our library.  I’m guessing I’ll have a pretty big pile waiting for me in the next few days.

Tonight I tried a new recipe that I found for Shepherd’s Pie.  I love the website this is pinned from.  It clearly marks every recipes with all the different allergies on the side.  It’s wonderful!  I had to substitute peas for carrots and pork for beef, but we all loved it.  I’m having lots of success with these Pinterest recipes.

I made the potatoes and the meet/veggies combo and G put them together.  He loved licking his fingers and the spoon.  Potatoes never go to waste in this house.

IMG_2222 IMG_2227 IMG_2235

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