Learning to Play Piano Wrap Up

Learning to Play Piano Wrap Up

Alright my first challenge is in the books.  I really enjoyed it more than I expected and think I’ll continue to play the piano.  I played about 30-45 minutes on most days and in total put in about 15-20 hours.  Overall, I’d rate this challenge as medium on the difficulty scale.  The first 15 days we’re the toughest and the most boring since I was focused on learning the basics like reading music and technical things like hand positions and drills.  I really didn’t start playing actual music until about mid-month and that’s when it starts becoming fun.   If anyone is considering trying to play the piano or any musical instrument,  I highly recommend taking a course on YouTube and make sure you invest some time in learning the basics.  If you’re just starting, it’s important to develop good habits from the beginning  or you’ll end up spending five times as long trying to fix bad habits.  I used YouTube for everything.  It was great and hey its free.   

I learned to play Amazing Grace and parts of several other songs including Marc Cohn’s Walking in Memphis, which has one of my favorite piano solos.  I play a few songs in the video below.  Let me know if anyone decides to give it a try.



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