Piano Challenge Days 1 – 10

Piano Challenge Days 1 – 10

Okay I’ve survived  the first 10 days of learning to play the piano, maybe with a little less sleep than I’d like, but hey what’s new.  I’ve been primarily using YouTube lessons.  I tried a few different teachers and the one that has worked best for me so far is:

And no, she does not wear that dress during the lessons.  It kind of felt like false advertising, but it’s okay since she’s a great teacher.  Unlike other courses I tried first, this one goes forward at a slow enough pace and builds gradually, which is working well for me.  As I stated in my original post, I have no musical ability, so very basic is perfect.  

I thought things were going pretty well and then I progressed to playing with both hands at the same time and everything fell apart.  Something short-circuits in my brain when that second hand comes into play.   Apparently, my brain is going to need some rewiring to pull this challenge off.   

Side note:  I am very thankful that my 5-year old son is an amazing sleeper.  If there was a competitive sport for sleeping through anything, the scholarship offers would already be rolling in – he’s a natural. Playing the piano while he’s sleeping, no problem.  That’s not even a challenge for him though.  Thunderstorms are a breeze.  I think I could vacuum his room with the lights on and it wouldn’t matter.

4 thoughts on “Piano Challenge Days 1 – 10

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’re learning to play the piano. I hope you enjoy it. You’ll figure out the two hands together, just give it time.

  2. Sounds as if progress is being made. We are looking forward to the recital at the end of the month ! I knew you could do it

  3. Jason, I can’t tell you how impressed and truly touched I was when you played Amazing Grace for me today. It was beautiful. Grandma Mason would be so proud and happy to know that her piano is still making beautiful music.

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