Why no challenge this month?

Why no challenge this month?

I wish I could say that after my fail last month that I picked myself up and kicked butt this month.  That did not happen.  I was pretty sick for 3 full weeks and I still have a chesty cough.  Yesterday was the first day that I really thought I was better and that was day 8 of antibiotics for a sinus infection that made my face hurt for days.

My plan was to do a different exercise video every day.  I even managed 15 minutes of a yoga video on day one.  I didn’t even attempt it the second day since I was a coughing, snotty mess.  I thought, I’ll get better and catch up. Haha. Didn’t happen. The real challenge was (and still is really) getting healthy.

Next month I plan on doing something with food to make up for last month.  I’m thinking along the lines of a new recipe everyday that I adapt to be gluten and dairy free.  My first thought was to try the recipes that are in the magazines that come into the house and that still may happen.  But, I’m also tempted by all those food videos that get shared on Facebook.  Either way, it will be a month spent in the kitchen coming up with some new inspired recipes.  Since I’ll be taking pics it will also force me to keep the kitchen clean 🙂

Or, as often happens at the last minute, I could change my mind altogether.  Is there a challenge you’d like to see me take on?  Maybe even want to join me?


4 thoughts on “Why no challenge this month?

  1. Sorry to see you’ve been so sick and hope you’re back to normal.

    A challenge I’d like to undertake is doing one spring-cleaning like chore a day for a month. Or, cleaning out X number of books a day for a month.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  2. I still think a month of yoga challenge would be good for me. We’ve got at least one trip a month coming up in the next few months though. I guess I could still do it, but I would likely miss some days. My blog is going to be on hiatus off and on in the months to come. Maybe I’ll try it in the fall, like November. LOL

  3. Hope your getting better challenge is going well.

    You have my sympathies, we’ve been battling a similar thing here. My husband is currently onto about week 5 of an ear infection (not helped by the doctor he saw after his first round of antibiotics who told him he still had an ear infection but he wasn’t going to prescribe anything for it this time, which meant a week later Mr Click ended up on double strength antibiotics because apparently that’s not the best course of action for someone who suffers from recurrent ear infections).

    I’m a bit of a snotty mess myself at the moment. Planning some nice hot baths to sweat it out this weekend!

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