New Workout Challenge Workout Wrap Up

New Workout Challenge Workout Wrap Up

I went back to my first post this month to see what I was hoping to get out of this month because as the month moves forward it’s easy to lose track of my ultimate goals.

I am going to try a different exercise video every day this month either through You Tube or DVDs from the library.  I’m hoping to make it a habit AND by trying different things find a few that I almost might enjoy 🙂

I’m proud to say that I accomplished this.  I think once Gage starts school again and I can do this in the morning at the same time five days a week that the habit part will be easier, but I totally rocked finding different workouts I enjoyed.  I think I had envisioned doing  a hard core workout everyday without taking into account the fact that I am completely out of shape and overweight.  So, I did modify, because I had to, and choose shorter and lower impact workouts.  The good thing is that I found quite a few videos that were right at my activity level and fun.

I did decide after the first few workouts to only do YouTube videos since they were so easy to access on the TV.  I love that Gage often joined me or watched me exercise.  We talked about how I was trying to be healthier and it led to good lessons – for both of us!  I found out that I really need to invest in a good sports bra.  At the risk of sharing too much information, I want to be honest if you were going to try this yourself 😉  It was a good month and I have every intention of adding these workouts into my daily schedule.  I found some short ones that make it impossible to use excuses.

I didn’t get to try the Pilates one that Carol recommended, but I promise I will!

So, here are my five favorites for the month.  These are ones that are at my level right now and  I plan on doing again.  I’ve even subscribed to the channels for more of the same.

I’ve actually done this one a few times this month 🙂

Loved Lucy and will be trying more of her walking workouts.

Difficult but super fun!

I could do all of the moves and it got my heart rate up.

I’m surprised that there are two dance ones on the list, but this was fun.

Days 1-2

Day 3

Days 4-5

Days 6-8

Days 9-11

Days 12-15

Days 16-19

Days 20-24

Days 25-30

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