New Workout Challenge – Days 9-11

New Workout Challenge – Days 9-11

It’s been a crazy week, but I don’t want to get any more behind in posting these.  On Sunday we had neighbors over in the evening so I really didn’t want to take the time for a full workout.  Too much cleaning and shopping to do!  And then on Monday I was not feeling well (cramps) so I went easy.  I tried pilates on Tuesday and realized, without much surprise, that I really don’t have one muscle under all that tummy fat. Not one.

I wanted a short one, but something worthwhile so I tried this.  Um, no.  Just no. Yes, it was only ten minutes but this was HARD!  Obviously, I probably only did one or two of the exercises correctly and for the full minute.  This girl’s got skills!

Not really a workout, but it does get you moving for those days when the thought of exercise make you want to order a pizza.  It was perfect for my under the weather day.

Okay, I really liked Amy and I would try more of her videos.  I couldn’t get a lot of these poses, as I mentioned above, I’m lacking a few muscles.  BUT I did follow along as best I could.  Maybe by the end of the month I can strengthen one teeny tint muscle in there 🙂

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