New Workout Challenge – Days 25-30

New Workout Challenge – Days 25-30

I know today is the 30th, but I was gone this weekend and since tomorrow is the 31st and I have an extra day I decided to do the last workout tomorrow.  I’m just happy I’ve made it this far.  Here are the ones I did these past few days.

Easy does it mile walk while Jessica talks about nature and what we can learn from it.  This was a little too simple for my tastes, but for the days when you want to move but need to take it easy it would be okay. Like taking a quick walk with a friend.  My favorite quote she included, Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished – Lao Tzu

I loved Kathy Smith back in the day and needed a very quick, low impact workout so I pulled this up.  It is just the warm up for another of her workouts, but it was good.  Now I’ll have to see what else she has on You Tube.

Oh my goodness!  Because I watched Kathy Smith the day before this is what You Tube recommended for me, lol.  This was such a fun, hysterical blast to the past for this 80’s girl.  The workout was actually quite hard for me (there were things my body could not do), but this was fun(ny) anyway.

Loved  this one and will do it again.  Twenty minutes and low impact. I loved the simple moves that sill got my heart rate up.

This month has heightened my interest in tai chi so I thought I’d try my fourth tai chi video this month.  Don’t know much about it?  Listen to her explanation in the first few minutes.  I ran through this twice trying to get the move right.  This doesn’t represent the two that were for meditative practice, but I did like how she broke down the movements.

Adding this one I did on the 31st.  I’m not feeling well today so this one was all I could handle. It says warm up but I think that’s only because it was 10 minutes. This was a workout for me!


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