New Workout Challenge – Days 20-24

New Workout Challenge – Days 20-24

Busy, busy , busy.  And I’m a little bit broken.  My knees have been bothering me for a week (because I tend to work out in bare feet I’m guessing) and I hurt my back a bit by moving some big boxes of books at the library.  I’m trying to make the workouts a little easier and lower impact for now.  It didn’t occur to me when I started this challenge that my never-workout-body might revolt when I put it through the ringer every day.

After I first complained that I don’t dance I have found these dance workouts the most fun.  Still can’t do all the moves in a timely fashion but who cares?  This was a dance class that had fun routines for upbeat songs.  They have more and I’d try them again.

I was able to convince Jason to try Tai Chi with me, but he wasn’t as crazy about it as I was.  To be fair, he’d already played tennis for and hour and a half and was tired.  Also, this workout wasn’t as good as the one I did earlier this month by the same instructor.

I really liked this workout and the coach.  I loved that he talked all through and got breathless and sweat.  Sometime these videos are edited so that they don’t show all of that.  I couldn’t do all the moves for sure, but I kept moving.  Don’t think I could do this for 30 days but I liked it enough to do it again.

I would almost feel bad about including this one if my body hadn’t needed a break.  The yoga was fine and the last 5 minutes were spent lying on the floor 🙂

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