New Workout Challenge – days 16-19

New Workout Challenge – days 16-19

I’m going to catch up tonight or else it won’t happen until next week.  We’ve got a short summer road trip and I need to pack (for everyone in the house!).  Anyway, I got behind somehow, and needed to do 2 workouts on 2 different days.  No biggie.  I just shortened them.

I am not a dancer, but this was really fun! Simone broke down the routine into learnable steps, there were only a few at the end that I was too tired to keep up with.  I would totally do this again even though it was hard.  I think she’s done other videos with PopSugar and I’d like to try them.  Maybe I could learn to dance like Beyonce after all 🙂

I was going to try and avoid repeat coaches, but I just loved Lucy and the walking workout so much that I wanted to try another.  This was 10 minute cardio and 5 minutes ab workout.  I didn’t love it as much as the first, but I still felt good and happy when I finished.

My knees are starting to bother me a little, so I wanted something a little easier on the body so I don’t breakdown before the month is up.  I liked this one.  I’m not sure I’d do it again, but maybe because it is low impact and it did get my heart rate up.

Yesterday I had to combine two.  I started with the yoga and found it  a little too advanced for me and I only made it 10 minutes, so I did the Tai chi one and discovered it taught you two moves.  Not really much of a workout, but I did like the way he broke it down so I got it right (I think).  I’m calling the two of them combined one workout.

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