New Workout Challenge – Days 12-15, short but sweet

New Workout Challenge – Days 12-15, short but sweet

Ack! I’m getting behind in posting these workouts.  I’ll write until Gage is sleeping and it’s Mom and Dad time 🙂 I was feeling unmotivated so I tried some shorter workouts and they were great.  I refuse to feel bad that they were short. I was moving and I’m moving every day.

This was interesting. At first I disliked the fake instructor and fake voice, but there were some thing to like too.  It showed a difficult and easy version, but the part I liked best was that it showed things that you might be doing wrong.  I found myself correcting myself often.

I had high hopes for this one, but was a bit disappointed.  The instructor had a lovely English accent and was full of energy.  And then after a few minutes he would show you what to do and then stop and go between the two women actually doing the workout and tell them what to do.  If I were one of them I might have punched him.  Otherwise it was a good, solid interval workout and I liked it well enough.

This was not a hard workout, but I loved it.  I loved Lucy, the instructor.  I loved the walking. I love her motivational advice sprinkled throughout the workout. It was so upbeat and I felt happy after finishing, even if I didn’t break a bit sweat.

Oh dear.   If there was ever  a girl who could use a little rhythm it’s me.  It did not help that Jason was eating lunch and watching me do these very sexy moves with interest.  This was fun, but not something I’d do often, but I’m an old lady.  It will give you confidence and make you feel your feminine power 🙂


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