New Workout Challenge – Day 8, trying new things

New Workout Challenge – Day 8, trying new things

I finally went to the library to peruse their exercise videos and brought some home, but they just sat there for a few days.  I think I’ll return them and see if I can manage only You Tube videos this month. Many thanks to Carol for giving me a recommendation.  I plan on trying her Pilates suggestion next week 🙂

When I started the month I had in mind that I would do hardcore workouts without taking into account that I’m overweight and completely out of shape!  So, I’ve had fun allowing myself to choose shorter videos and to try things that are not all kill-me-cardio workouts.  The point is to make this a habit and keeping it fun and easing into it are important.  As is finding a way to get these in earlier in the day!

I am not bendy, so I thought I’d give this a try.  This is not a cardio yoga workout like many of the others I’ve tried. It really is relaxing and forced me to bend (well, attempt to bend) into new and deeper stretches.  Gage was in the room with me doing his own 30 minute workout so I’m sure that I didn’t get the full relaxation part, but it was good. I’m not all that interested in doing it again or more like it, but it was fun to try.

Okay, this is going to sound a little crazy, but after doing this tai chi workout I felt myself breathing better all day long. And correcting my terrible posture (although I credit this to the yoga videos too).  I told Jason that I may be willing to get up 15 minutes early every morning just to do this.  Not too difficult and very centering.  I will definitely be trying more of his videos.  Go ahead and give it a try 🙂

Thought I’d try something new and this was fun.  It’s possible I’d do this again. Trying to mix in some easy kickboxing moves might spice up an exercise rut. I am 100% sure that I was doing most of these moves wrong, but that’s the beauty of trying these in your own home.  No one but maybe your kid sees it 🙂  Gage sat out this workout and actually got a pillow and blanket so he could snuggle up and watch, lol.  The instructor is Kelli from an earlier video where I complained about her adjusting her pants a lot.  She must have heard me, not one adjustment 🙂

I’m always entertaining video suggestions!


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