New Workout Challenge – Day 3, all about the butt

New Workout Challenge – Day 3, all about the butt

Today I may have gotten a bit of an injury when the 6 year old I was shopping with rammed the cart into the outside of my food causing me to make a loud and embarrassing yelp in the store.  It’s a few hours later and it’s still swollen 🙁  So, I found something low impact for the day.  When I told G that I was going to workout he ran into the family room and started his exercises.

gwo Dad arrived home early so he abandoned me quickly.

I browsed through the You Tube exercise videos looking for something that would be easy on the foot.  It’s swollen and still hurts.  I found this and thought, why not?  There were four different exercises that we went through and I know I looked ridiculous attempting the last two, but I did my best and my buttocks are feeling all the better for it, lol.  I liked the exercises, but probably wouldn’t do this again.  I didn’t care for the video although the woman leading us minions was nice enough.  I’m glad I did it because it was perfect for low impact needs, like today.

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