NaNoWriMo – Friends, I am in the weeds

NaNoWriMo – Friends, I am in the weeds

I have a confession to make. I am a procrastinator.  Go ahead, ask anyone who has ever lived with me.  Need something done in a month?  Check in with me the day before and watch my head exploding.  So, it comes as no surprise to those that know and love me that perhaps this writing a book in 30 days thing was going to come down to the last few days.  I should be writing my novel right now, but I’m here whining instead.

Come midnight I will have THREE days left to finish my 50,000 word novel, Coming Home.  Should I admit now that I just crossed the halfway point today?  My word count is 27,663.  Over the next three days I need to average 7,446 words a day.  I must forget that my best day so far has been 5,128 and that was today.  I’m a little concerned, I admit it, but I will push through especially since I failed last month’s challenge.  I can do this!  Right?

I will tell you that Laurel and Mitch are currently not speaking to each other but I am so excited about where this story is going.  Today is the day I fell in love with my book and I can’t wait to get started tomorrow.

Tomorrow I agreed to help put up Christmas decorations at Gage’s school for three hours.  That will leave me almost four hours to write before I bring Gage home (he has music class after school).  Tuesday and Wednesday will be all day writing days.

When I do the wrap up in a few days I will list all of the things that I found to do when I should have been writing. I don’t want to spoil anything but a big one rhymes with zaps.


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