Month #2 a big FAIL for me (but Jason did great!)

Month #2 a big FAIL for me (but Jason did great!)

So, my goal was to walk a different nature trail of 2-3 miles every day in October.  There were a few reasons that this month was a failure, and yes these are all excuses, but helpful to share for you and for me.

I think I walked 17 days (it seems low and there may be more, but at this point I’m not going back to count).  Why not 30?

1-Poor planning.  I really needed to map the trails out before the month started. I needed the hiking books that I didn’t get until a week into the challenge.  Some trails were far away and I needed to plan for how to make it happen.

2-There is only so much daylight. It was hard to cram in walking at the end of the day since I really didn’t want to get caught on a unfamiliar trail after it started to get dark. Sure, I could have taken a friend, but that leads back to problem #1.

3-The weather was beautiful and perfect for walking most of the month but there were a few days of all day rain that had me checking out of the challenge.

4-October just had too much stuff going on to overcome the first two problems. Two birthdays, one house party, an anniversary, bathroom reno, four rooms with wallpaper removed and painted. Wanna see our new downstairs bathroom? img_9305 Not completely done, but new walls, floor, vanity, lights… I love it.

I still think that if it had stayed light until 10 I would’ve been able to be successful 🙂  I still plan on using the book 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles-Cleveland to find some new trails, but I do have two favorites in mind.

#1 Beartown Lakes. I walked this one twice but don’t have any pics from my second trip, they’re on Jason’s phone.  The header this month is from my first trip.  It is so pretty and peaceful and I loved that there are loops, not just one trail.

#2 Edgewater Park. I loved this trail along Lake Erie with outstanding views of the city.  It’s a hike from here, but one that’s worth it.  I’m showing this pic so I have a good excuse to say Go Tribe!  One win away from winning the World Series!!


That’s my wrap up.  I am ready for November but I’m going to need your help.  Come back tomorrow to see how 🙂

Oh, and come back tomorrow to see how Jason fared this month (hint:they’ll be a piano recital!).

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