Magazine Backlog Challenge

Magazine Backlog Challenge

I’ve had some very challenging challenges so far this year and wanted to find something that would benefit the household for this month.  I thought about a decluttering challenge and ultimately decided on something more specific.  This is my stack of unread magazines just from 2017…magpileThere are 53 here.  I have the best of intentions but don’t seem to make enough of an effort.  So, my goal this month is to get through all of these magazines, plus any that show up in the mailbox this month.  Here’s how they break down.magbreakdownNew Yorker-20 (I LOVE the New Yorker but they take so long to read!), Better Homes & Gardens-6, HGTV-6, The Week-4 (easily my favorite magazine), Vanity Fair-5, Cleveland Magazine-4, ADDitude-3, The Writer-3, Woman’s World-1 & First for Women-1 (both given to me by a neighbor).

I don’t want to skim them all in a day and pat myself on the back so my only rule is that I must read at least the first page of every article, but I must read every article.  This will save me time with the New Yorkers for sure.  I also plan on posting about them here and sharing things I learned and articles I loved.

I didn’t think this challenge would be that hard, but I didn’t finish my first magazine until 10:30 pm!

1-TheWriterJuly 2017

I receive this magazine because of the spring magazine drive at Gage’s school. I wanted to get something a little different.  In addition to what I noted I can honestly say that I had no idea there were so many literary magazines!  Want a taste?  Here’s a link to the social media article I liked.

For the month I will be happy to put any magazine in the mail to you for free, just leave me a comment if you’d like to give it a try.


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  1. This is a great challenge Stacy! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the magazines. I would be interested in The Writer magazines. You can save them and bring them to me at book club 🙂

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