A Book a Day, Day 6, The Lifeboat

A Book a Day, Day 6, The Lifeboat

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.”  -Lemony Snicket


Labor Day weekend is over and my guys are back in school and at work, but I do have someone here removing wallpaper in four of our rooms.  We didn’t do a whole lot yesterday.  We had good intentions but then realized that prepping the rooms for today was going to take way longer than we thought.  Oh, I did bake enough muffins for at least a month, woo hoo!  As I was baking I was able to continue listening to The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan.  I started listening in the car on the first day of the challenge and was able to finish up last night before 10 pm.  I’m cutting it close with getting these books finished for sure.  I think I need to read a time management book!

What’s it about – It’s 1914 and an ocean liner goes down between Europe and America.  Grace Winter, a 22 year-old newlywed and thirty-nine passengers escape in a lifeboat and struggle to survive until rescue comes.  This quote sums it up, “The bare bones of our natures were showing. None of us were worth a pit. We were stripped of all decency. I couldn’t see that there was anything good or noble left once food and shelter were taken away.” 

What did I learn – I learned a bit about surviving adrift in the ocean.  It’s best to have a studly sailor to take charge.

Who would love it – It had the backdrop of Life of Pi, but with the social aspect of survival.  The narrator was also a bit tricky, so if you like unreliable narrators this would appeal to you.  Oh, and anyone who likes man against nature stories. Or those who like to watch cage fights to see who will survive.  Or psychopaths who want to know how to manipulate people.  Basically this book has something for everyone.

A few more thoughts on the book found on my blog here.

2 thoughts on “A Book a Day, Day 6, The Lifeboat

  1. Psychopaths, huh? Well, I could see that and the manipulation when there are only so many resources. Good luck with wallpaper removal. At least you have muffins. LOL

    1. The boat brought out so many things about the people that they probably didn’t even know were in them. Frightening on many levels.

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