Letters of Appreciation – Stephen King & Judith McNaught

Letters of Appreciation – Stephen King & Judith McNaught

mcnaughtI chose to write to two authors this time around.  Judith McNaught has always been my favorite romance writer.  I discovered her as a teenager and over the years have read all over her books at least once and quite a few multiple times.  She made me fall in love with romances, especially historicals.  She hasn’t written a book in years but I wanted to let her know that her books touch me still.  I need to find the time to re-read one this year.

As for King, well, there is so much that I respect about him, On Writing being on of my all-times favorite books, but it’s the way he appeals to both Jason and me that made me write the letter.  At lunch today Jason and I spent 20 minutes talking about him (Jason’s reading the Shawshank short story) and we can always agree listen to him on a road trip. He’s a great storyteller.  I also love that he stays true to himself and is not afraid to speak up and use his influence for good.

I may write to more authors this month.  If you had to choose one living author to send a letter to, who would it be?


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