Letters of Appreciation – Loganberry Books

Letters of Appreciation – Loganberry Books

Last summer when Jason and I were brainstorming about some of the 30 day challenges we might try I added write to an elected official to my list.  Well, the joke’s on me since I have written, typed, and called elected officials several days each week since the beginning of January.  Only it’s hard and it’s depressing.  I won’t stop, but it’s not something I do because I enjoy it.  So, I thought back to my one word that I was trying to focus on this year, INSPIRED, and decided to let that help me focus on a month of writing letters. Instead of only writing to those who I disagree with I’m going to also write to those who inspire me.  These aren’t going to be letters to friends, I want this to be a note of encouragement to public people who are standing up even when it can be difficult. I have a list of about a dozen so far and while many of them are political figures some, like today, are not.

So, why not join me? If not every day, any day.  If you do please leave a comment and let me know who  and why.  Maybe they’ll get a letter from me too 🙂

loganberryLoganberry Books is a local independent bookstore who did something very cool for Women’s History Month in March. (I wrote a post here) To illustrate the gender gap in fiction they turned all books written by men backwards and left only the women authors showing.  It was a sight to see so I hope you take a look at the post.  The story got picked up by some online sites and I was shocked by the negative comments.  This display was only for two weeks but you would have thought that they were stringing up men in the store on a daily basis.  As part of the display they had a raffle of some books if you donated to local charities and I won this Supreme Court companion book.  So, I wrote to the owner of the bookstore admiring her store, heaping praise on the bold display and thanking her for the book.

April is Autism Awareness month so I’m using these cards I bought from Nick at a conference.  The correct website is Nick’s Art Project if you are interested.


So, who might you write to today?  Let’s all spread a little joy this month.

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