Letters of Appreciation- Gov. John Kasich and Rep. David Joyce

Letters of Appreciation- Gov. John Kasich and Rep. David Joyce

kasichI’ve written to a few politicians already who I overwhelmingly agree with, but that can’t be where political activism stops. Too often people vote strictly along party lines – even when they know nothing about the candidate.  I know at times I’ve been guilty of this, although to be fair there has never been any election that I haven’t voted for candidates of both parties.  I do most often vote for Democrats or Independents, but that doesn’t mean I don’t vote for Republicans too, when I’ve been swayed by a job well done.  So, this time I wrote to two Republicans that I’ve both voted for and against.

I don’t see eye to eye with Governor Kasich on a lot of things, but I do appreciate that he is not a complete party man.  He is not afraid to speak out against the party when he feels they are wrong.  For this alone he will probably have my vote as long as he wants it.  I do not want an official who won’t think for himself or listen to his constituents.  I didn’t vote for him the first time, but did the next two times I had the chance.  I have no doubt that this country would be better off if he had won the Republican primary last year.  That’s pretty much what I told him.

Representative David Joyce had my vote the first time because I knew someone who personally knew him and spoke highly of him.  When he proved to be too much of a conservative-right candidate, I changed my vote for the next election.  But, in the past few weeks he did come out against the Republican healthcare bill and even though it was never put to a vote I respected his public rejection of it.  So, I thanked him and wished him the best in earning back my vote 🙂

It’s important to thank a person for specific actions taken.  I resent when people label me a ‘liberal‘ and spit it out with contempt just because I vote Democrat more often than Republican.  If someone thinks that one party has all the answers then that person isn’t thinking.  If we all started thanking and complaining about specific actions, we might have politicians who would be willing to make decisions based on the voters.  A girl can hope anyway 🙂

Is  there a politician you respect that you might thank today?

2 thoughts on “Letters of Appreciation- Gov. John Kasich and Rep. David Joyce

    1. Of course you do! That’s because you’re totally awesome. I get tired of being the bitchy, squeaky wheel ALL of the time so these letters are helping me decompress a bit 🙂

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