Letter of Appreciation Wrap Up

Letter of Appreciation Wrap Up

Well, it’s come down to the wire but I did get all 30 letters done.  It was actually a harder challenge that I thought it would be when I started.  When you sit down to write a letter it feels so much more important, so I got picky with my choices and had a hard time coming up with anyone.  So, that was the challenging part.  It was easy to write the letter to those people that you had a connection with or something that you really wanted to say, but more difficult near the end as my choices were less personal.

Here’s the last pile.  Sorry I didn’t keep up with  challenge on here like I wanted to, but I was doing the A-Z Challenge on the book blog and I got really behind.  This was a fun and enlightening exercise and it might be one I consider revisiting every year.


(Judy Blume, Dr. Andrew Weil, Susanna Kearsley, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Michael J Fox, Joe Cross, Joanna Gaines, Dr. Robert Sears, Fareed Zakaria, Shepard Smith, Diana Gabaldon, Martin Short, Samantha Bee, Jake Tapper)

I’m happy to have a completed challenge behind me!  I think you are all going to want to come back tomorrow and check our new challenges.  They are both going to be challenging for sure.


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