Learning to Play the Piano

Learning to Play the Piano


For my first challenge, I going to tackle a project I’ve been procrastinating about for at least ten years. And that’s learning to play a musical instrument.   I’ve never played any musical instrument before unless Guitar Hero counts and I even stalled out on medium there.   On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate my musical ability somewhere between -10 and does not qualify.  Remember the Bryans Adams song Summer of 69 that’s goes “I got my first real six-string…”, well I thought it said “I got my first real sex dream…  I need to boost the harmony in my life, so this seems like the right way to start.

Stacy’s great-grandmother used to be a piano teacher and we inherited her piano about five years ago.  I’ve never played it more than a minute or two and played would be generous, more like torture for anyone within earshot including small animals.  My plan is to find out what can be accomplished in 30-45 minutes a day by someone with zero ability.  I going to begin with piano lessons from YouTube and then see if I can play a song by the end of the month.  Any song requests?

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