Juice Diet-Day 4

Juice Diet-Day 4

So, I’m on day 4 of my “juice diet”.  When I was reading Joe’s reboot diet he recommended at least 2 juices a day, 16 oz. each, for the first five days.  I’ve done that.  I have eaten vegetables or fruit twice a day too.  I’ve had a cup of herbal tea once a day and the rest?  Water.  I’m probably not drinking enough.

I made a nice beet juice that first day and then again the second day and the smell alone almost made me sick.  I’m having a problem with the juices! Since I’m mainly eating veggies twice a day (peas, squash, carrots) I don’t mind if my juices are on the sweeter side, as long as they still have at least one vegetable.

I hesitate to call this a juice diet since I am eating a small amount of vegetables and fruits, but according to the parameters in the book I’m legit 🙂  Plus, if I still only do 2 juices a day and only eating fruits and vegetables until the 27th  I will consider this a win.  My body needs this detox.

The good stuff – I’ve lost 4 pounds.  Yay 🙂  I haven’t had a headache since day 1.  I mostly don’t even feel hungry (although when I made the guys bacon on Tuesday that was pretty tough).  Considering the crap that I was putting in my body before I know I’m doing something good for my health.

The bad stuff – I’ve needed extra sleep.  I have less energy.  I did get lightheaded that first day, but not since.  I do not want to make another juice 🙁  I’m sick of making them already. This week has been a slow while Gage has been at school, so I’ve been able to nap.

My yummy juice from yesterday morning…

IMG_0362Apple, 2 pears, a few carrots.

Next time I’ll show you my cool juicer!

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