Juice Diet – Day 10, no problem

Juice Diet – Day 10, no problem

Okay, it’s been a few days since I checked in and I want you to know that I feel fabulous.  For the first 7 days I drank juices and ate fruits or vegetables once or twice a day.  My favorite was mashing up an avocado, dicing a tomato and some onion and eating the guacamole with carrots.   I think that week of actual food helped the transition to straight juice successful.

Monday morning I started with juice only, so I’m on day 3, but I am so surprised at how good I feel!  Really!  I thought I’d be sick and napping in bed (last week I had to take a nap a day I had so little energy) but I’ve tried to snooze during the day this week and haven’t been able to fall asleep.  I actually have MORE energy than when I eat food.  It’s weird.  And I’m not even that hungry.  Sure, at a few points during the day my stomach will rumble, but nothing serious.  Physically, this challenge has been exactly what I’ve needed and I’ve lost 8 pounds.

Let’s talk about what I’m learning about myself and my relationship with food.  I love food and eat during emotional stressful times, this is not news, but this challenge has brought into focus that I don’t need it.  I won’t say that after 10 days of fruit and veggie juices that I don’t crave pizza or a good buffalo chicken sandwich, but that’s just an emotional craving, something to make me feel better.  Is my unhealthy relationship with food changed forever?  Of course not, but the fact that my body feels great and my mind feels good because I know I’m doing something good for my health, should be something that sticks.

The hardest things at this point are the smells and watching people eat.  I fixed bacon this morning for Gage and just the smell made me want to scarf the whole thing down.  I think that if you are the cook of the family it does add and extra layer to the challenge.  It’s hard to smell and touch something yummy and then put it on a plate so you can watch someone else eat it.  Yesterday, I cooked baked potatoes and even a boring potato with no salt or butter stirred up a wanting for food, any food.

That’s enough babbling for now.  Here are a few pics…Obviously, drinking the juices in a big wine glass makes them taste better.

juice1 juice2 juice3


8 thoughts on “Juice Diet – Day 10, no problem

  1. I have tasted a few of your concoctions and I must say they were tasty. I am in awe of your dedication to this challenge and am so happy you are seeing and feeling positive changes. Cooking for Gage and Jason has to be difficult. You go girl!

    1. Me too 🙂 Remember I tired a real food challenge a few months ago and failed miserably. Somehow this one is working. When at first you don’t succeed and all that. Sunday I’m taking my mom to The Chocolate Bar for brunch and plan on drinking all of the chocolate martinis I can before falling into a sugar coma.

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