January update

January update

Okay, this month has been a great one for steps, I’m 30 for 30 for getting 10,000 everyday, but less successful for the water and blogging!  My Fitbit has stopped synching (again) so I’m just going to ignore that and focus on the daily ‘party on my wrist’ as I like to tell Gage, that happens when I hit 10,000.  You will often find me pacing around the family room while Jason and I watch something at night.  He doesn’t complain, but I make myself nervous 🙂 I think I can make this 10,000 steps a goal for the whole year.  We’ll see, but I’m feeling good about it.

I’ve been drinking more water, but after the first week or so haven’t been getting 7.  So I bought a new glass container to use everyday to keep track.  I’ll start it tomorrow and make it my February goal.

I did say that I wanted this to be a year of health both mentally and physically so in February I’m adding A Month of Letters to my goals.  I’ll post about it more tomorrow, but if you’re interested check out  the site to commit.

So, I’m excited about this year and about hooking up with another challenge next month that’s right up my alley.

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