James Patterson Teaches Writing Master Class Challenge

James Patterson Teaches Writing Master Class Challenge

I love the 30 day challenges, even when I fail to complete them.  Having a goal to focus on every month has been motivating and fun, but coming up with ones that I want to do is a challenge all on its own.  Last summer I signed up for a Master Class with James Patterson during one of my challenges, but I never started.  And then Master Class sent me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I paid $90 for the pass to Patterson’s class that I could use whenever I wanted, no expiration date.  Then I received an email offering me the rest of the classes for only $90 for a whole year!  I looked at the site again and found 30 experts in their fields so I decided to start taking the Patterson class and see what it was all about.  I watched the first 4 (of 22) lessons, did the daily writing, and read through some of the conversation threads.  Is James Patterson my favorite author?  Nope. I checked and found out that I haven’t read a Patterson book since 2011.  But what I found when I listened to the short videos by Patterson was that I was inspired by a man who had gotten to the very top of his field.

So, I signed up.  I’ll be doing Patterson this month.  In January Jason and I will be doing the Documentary a Day challenge together again and in September I’ll be doing my third Book a Day Challenge (hopefully with a few of you!).  In between I’ll be doing Master Classes and learning from the likes of Steve Martin, Gordon Ramsay, Dr. Jane Goodall, Judy Blume, Bob Woodward and so many others.  I may even let you guys pick for me a couple of months!

I’ll be back with some details about the class, right now I have about five minutes to finish this and then I’m booked til Monday.  Have any of you tried a Master Class? Are you curious?  Stay tuned 🙂

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  1. Nice! I’ve been wanting to do a writing class. That sounds like a great one. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Good luck! I’m wanting to join in on your documentary a day or pretty close to it in January! I have so many and that will be perfect for me to knock a few more off my list.

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