A Book a Day, Day 18, I Am Not a Serial Killer

A Book a Day, Day 18, I Am Not a Serial Killer

“I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill.” – Ted Bundy


I like books and movies about serial killers, but even I was creeped out by 15 year old John Wayne Cleaver in I am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells.  The story took a major turn about 100 pages in, not one I liked and it sort of tainted the rest of the book for me, BUT John was compelling and I kept reading.  This one was recommended by a few book blogger buddies and is the first of a trilogy.  I’m pretty sure I won’t read them, there’s no cliff-hanger that’s making me, but who knows.  John may stay stuck in my head like a bad dream and convince me.

What’s it about – John is a teen who is obsessed with serial killers.  He feels that at his core, he is one.  He keeps himself in check by lots of rules so that he is never put in the position of killing someone because he wants to. This plan worked fine until his small town is home to its first serial killer.

What did I learn – Way, way more than I wanted to about what happens at the mortuary.  Let’s just say that you should not read this while you’re eating.  Or thinking about eating.  Or getting ready to go to a funeral.  Go ahead, read the first chapter.  If you are okay with that then this book may be for you.

Who would like it – Since John is 15 this is considered a YA, but John was way older than his years, so only mature teens should read this.  And if you like books like Silence of the Lambs or shows like Dexter this one is for you.

Ohio State rocked Oklahoma last night – Woo hoo!  Did you see this catch?


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