Golf Challenge

Golf Challenge

Alright I’m now halfway through my month of golf training.  I’ll start by saying that golf is a very frustrating game.  It seems like it should be easy.   I mean come on, the ball doesn’t even move.  What it does do is sit there and mock you.  Golf is also compelling and addictive because it makes you think you might be on the verge of making a breakthrough.  I’ve had this feeling several times over the past couple weeks.  I start hitting balls at the driving range and then a few actually look like real golf shots and I think to myself, okay I’ve got this thing figured out, except when I try to do it again the ball goes anywhere but where I’m aiming.  And that’s why this game can drive people to insanity.  In tennis, if you have a good forehand, you can pretty much make a good shot most of the time.  In golf, it can look great on one shot and then on the very next shot seem like I’ve never swung a club in the my life.  Maybe it’s just a matter of more practice, we’ll see.

So far, I’ve spent nearly half of my practice time chipping and putting.  I think I’ve made the biggest improvement in these areas.  For golf players, I settled on this newer putting grip called the claw, which is where you only hold the putter normally with your left hand but then only barely hold it with your right hand.  I highly recommend this grip.  It felt weird at first, but I started to see improvement rather quickly.  I also decided to take a few lessons in person.  That’s helped too, but there are so many different methods for holding and hitting a golf ball, I think it’s best just to find a method that feels right for you and not try to copy a PGA tour pro’s swing. Well that’s it for now, time to practice.

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  1. Way to go Jason! Sounds like you’ve learned a few things about how to manage that pesky little ball. Don’t forget to have fun while you are working hard at it.

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