Firsts Challenge Wrap Up

Firsts Challenge Wrap Up

With Gage being home for the summer my optional time is limited.  I wanted to do posts on this months firsts, but didn’t keep up. I did manage to post most of them on our Facebook page and I’ll recap them here.

Although I managed to complete the challenge, I’m disappointed that I didn’t have more big, bold accomplishments.  But, as I said at the beginning of this challenge, you can make this as big or small as you need it to be to fit into your life.  I’d like to try this challenge another month and do some better planning.

June 1st-Visited a skeleton museum

June 2nd-Family trip to Sea World Orlando

June 3rd-Flew Spirit Airlines and almost missed the plane!

June 4th-Read The New Yorker cover to cover (this needs to become a weekly thing.)

June 5th-Explored Richfield, where Gage is at camp.

June 6th-Ate chocolate covered espresso beans.

June 7th-Tried a charcoal mask and scared my kid.



June 8th-twisted my first balloon animal.


June 9th-Made it 20 minutes in Jason’s tortureous massage chair.

June 10th-signed up for online Master Class with James Patterson

June 11th-Tried picked carrots. They were okay.

June 12th-Applied to work at the elections.

June 13th-Painted pottery with G for Father’s Dats gifts.

June 14th-New doctor for G and took my mom to hear Temple Grandin speak.

June 15th-I was a model for G’s first painting.


June 16th-Attended my first political meeting to learn about gerrymandering.

June 17th-Administered 2 different medicines to our cat Sammi.  She’s recovered so I must have done it right.

June 18th-Dyed my hair blue but it didn’t really take because my hair is so dark.

June 19th-Went blind for an hour and a half.


June 20th-Tried a recipe out of Better Homes & Gardens for Orange-Braised Carrots with Raisins.

June 21st-Tried a new Japanese wine with unknown fruit in the bottom of the bottle. It was tasty.

June 22nd-Cute G’s hair and it was horrible!


June 23rd-Made a scavenger hunt at the art museum for G-man.

June 24th-Tried sushi.

June25th-Used a hedge trimmer.

June 26th-Hosted a dinner party for strangers from Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa.


June 27th-Purchased a membership to the Natural History Museum.

June 28th-Reached out to get signatures on my gerrymandering petition. Got two signatures but need 54 more!

June 29th-Put money on all the parking meters along the street outside the art museum.

June 30th-I’m a pretty strict mom but for the very first time I caved to G and am letting him sleep in our bed with us tonight.  He had a bad dream last night and is pretty much terrified of his room right now.  I’m sure I will regret it.

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