Documentary a Day Wrap Up

Documentary a Day Wrap Up

What a fun month!  We learned about history, food, the economy, sports, different cultures, and inspiring people.  The best part?  We did it together.  Each documentary, whether we loved it or hated it generated great conversation and time spent together on the couch. A perfect challenge for the cold days of January. We finished last night with an hour to spare.  Woo hoo 🙂  You can click here to browse through all the documentaries for the month.

Stacy’s Top 5

More than Honey.jpg  Champs Poster    13th (film).png  Amy (2015 film) poster.png

I would like to note that we watched four films about food and healthy eating and they have encouraged great change here and inspired next month’s challenge.  I learned something from each of them and they all encouraged the same thing – a plant based diet. (Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, Food Inc., Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead)

Jason’s Top 5

Champs Poster    Amy (2015 film) poster.png     Forks Over Knives movie poster.png

While these were some of my favorites, I think the most important ones were the four food related ones.  They inspired me to improve my diet and I already feel better for it.

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